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The Best Way To Stop Smoking For Women Tip 1


About 150 women stop smoking every month with the help of SmokeFreeLiverpool. And so can you. Especially if you’ve tried to quit cigarettes before. We find the more you try to stop smoking, the more you succeed. With SmokeFreeLiverpool, that’s the new way to ‘chuck the ciggies’. You get friendly support from people just like you – and a personalised plan that’s made to help you give up smoking for good. As well as one-to-one support, we can offer you patches, gum and more. And if you don’t pay for prescriptions, nicotine replacement therapy is free. Whatever it takes, it’s worth it.

Think about the money you’ll save. About £250 a month, £3,000 a year – that’s the kind of money the average smoker burns. And if you have any worries about stopping smoking? We really can help you quit. Whether it’s your willpower, weight or withdrawal symptoms – we can give you the confidence to quit smoking for good. So, if you want to be healthier, feel fitter, look younger and have fun, join the girls going smoke free in Liverpool. Thousands of women across the city have given up cigarettes for good. And so can you. Text ‘quit’ to 66777 or make an appointment for a chat with our friendly team using the button below.

Meet the Girls

Real life success stories from Liverpool ladies


The best way to stop smoking

Six fab tips to chuck the ciggies and change your life

Gemma Brodrick 9 months

3. Get trigger happy

# 9 months

6. Get support


2. Breathe and relax

Gemma Brodrick 9 months

4. Be social

Gemma Brodrick 9 months

5. Find new interests

Gemma Brodrick 9 months


10 amazing ways that stopping smoking makes you feel like yourself again

9. Feel happier

Science says non-smokers tend to be less stressed. Maybe because they’re not worried about their next ciggy.

10. Enjoy a longer healthier life

Feel like living a full enjoyable life? Quitting can extend your life for an extra 10 years.

1. Have cash to splash

Quitting can save £250 a month – £3,000 a year. Write a list of things you’d rather do with your money.

2. Younger-looking you

Stay younger with firmer, smoother skin. Quitting has been found to slow the ageing process.

3. Feel the earth move more

Better blood flow means women who quit may enjoy better orgasms. Potential partners also find non-smokers more appealing.

4. Heaven must have scent you

Your fave perfume won’t have to fight the ciggie smells. Get fresher breath and a whiter smile when you quit too.

5. Breathe Easily

In 90 days, blood circulation gets better. Walk and talk without getting out of breath.

6. Anyone who had a heart

Giving up smoking reduces your chance of breaking your heart with a heart attack.

7. The beauty of sleeping

Smokers can be plagued with sleep problems. Quitting can help you get a good night’s rest.

8. Life’s yummy

Enjoy meals more because your sense of taste and smell start to recover when you stop smoking.
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^ Nicotine replacement therapy free if you don’t pay for prescriptions